100% adventure 

It’s a place where you have horses, a breeding facility for horses  and dogs. All season give different things happening .

The year is split in 5 totally different seasons considering weather and work tasks. The year is split in 5 totally different seasons considering weather and work tasks.

Jannuary-March focus is on basic animal care (cleaning, feeding)- typical activities: snowmobiling, dogsledding, living in snow

April-Maj: Focus on cleaning up after the winter(snow is melting)

April-July: Foaling Season, Breeding Season, Horses go on the green fields from 1. June, building and reparations around the ranch. – typical activities: horseback riding, foals, swimming, rafting, nature

August- October: Taking care of the animals on the summer pastures, building and reparations and preparation for the winter.


November – December: Taking care of the animals, cleaning and snow-shoveling. Typical activities: Dogsledding with the wagon, nature.


We do not have employees at this moment because it’s just simply not enough work due to us working at the ranch. Also considering that with animals it’s not a 8-16 job but more a whenever it’s needed.


We treat everybody with respect but I also I am very honest and strict when it comes to the work tasks.  

You have to understand that if you get invited that you are welcome to stay in our family and be a part of the ranch but it’s still our rules that you have to adjust to. 

There is no room for you to change around the routines or how things are handled.

We work - and it’s hard work with animals- and in free time we have fun and enjoy life 


It’s also important that you understand that stickig  to the rules is important for everybody’s safety. 

If you don’t stick to the rules and are disrespecting these or use any type of drugs at the ranch you will be sent home.


We have a lot of times young interns from schools all over Europe that learn for the animal programs and that’s why it’s important too ♥️


We go after your profiles description so you have to stay honest. 


It’s important that you either speak German fluent or English at minimum intermediate! 


At this moment we are ONLY searching for:


1. Experienced Western Rider

2. Male Helper for the Building projects


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