Lil Ruf Pebbles

Sire:  Lil Ruf Peppy

Dam: A Chic In Time


In foal to: Colonels Lone Gun


Dunits Little Peppy

Sire:  Hollywood Dun It

Dam: by Peppy San Badger


Gun Chex To Cash

Sire: Nu Chex To Cash

Dam: by One Gun

Chocolate Palomino

IFT: Colonels Lone Gun

Flash O Genius

Sire:  Great Resolve

Dam: by Reminic

Red Dun


Smart Sliding Gun

Sire: Colonels Lone Gun

Dam: by Smart Little Lena

Color: Bay Splash 1+2


Lovely Gun

Sire: Colonels Lone Gun

Dam: by Jacs Great Spirit

Chstnut Splash

Owner: Allstar Nolen Cop.

IFT: ARC Walla Dun Dit It   


LVR Out Of The Blue

By: Blue Quick Command

Dam by: Shine N Mister

Color: Black Splash

EEaa SW1 W20

Lone Guns Chex

Sire: Colonels Lone Gun

Dam: Lilis Serprise Jac

Bay SW1 SW2


Cee Lenasshinng Bee

Sire:  Jacs Electric Spark

Dam: by Master Boot Jac

Smoky Grullo

Whiz Graceful Spirit

Sire: Easy Oatie Whiz

Dam: by Jacs Great Spirit

Color: Smoky Grullo


KQ Dusty Blue Rose

Sire: ARC Surprise Sketch

Dam: by Gallo Del Cielo

Chestnut Gray

Peppy Dash Blue

Sire:  King Lena Peppy San

Dam: by Cash For Gordie

Smoky Black Roan Splash1

In foal to: Lone Guns Revolution



Sire:  Sparks Well Dun

Dam: by Buenonic Chex


CJS Primaddona

Sire:  Skips Mr Te

Dam: by Kool Kool Kelo

Classic Champagne (CH/CH)

In foal to: Colonels Lone Gun

Miss CH Angel Lena

Sire:  Lena Cielo

Dam: by Terrific Cowboy

Sorrel Tobiano

Mares we owned:

Dun In Steeldust

Sire:  IJ Rocky Steeldust

Dam: by BH Is Dun


In foal to Lone Guns Revolution

DC Playboys Melody

Sire:  DC Hollywood Chrome

Dam: by Some Kinda Playboy

Amber Champagne

In foal to Saratoga Whiz


Sire: Inwhizable

Dam: by Be Each Enterprise

Color: Chestnut

IFT: Lone Guns Revolution

Dual Chex Cash

Sire: Nu Chex To Cash

Dam: by Dual Pep

Dark Chestnut

IFT:  Colonels Lone Gun

Custom Surely

Sire:  Custom Tuxedo

Dam: by Topsail Whiz


IFT: Lone Guns Revolution

Jacs Lil Katy

Sire:  Jacs On Top

Dam: by Lil Dry Peppy

Red Dun

IFT:  Saratoga Whiz

Lilis Serprise Jac

Sire: Overwelmer

Dam: RM Flashy Lady


Whiz N Reminic

Sire: Topsail Whiz


Gold Palomino