Allstar Ranch is Home to Colonels Lone Gun.

He is a NRHA Money Earner with a Performance Record, passing  his talent, confirmation, amazing mindset and trainability to his offprings.

What makes the Colonels Lone Gun Offprings at the Allstar Ranch outstanding is the combination of  Talent and Mindset.

Passed allong by Colonels Lone Gun and  the proven broodmares for the best possible match.

The broodmares are comprised of some of the best in the industry, performers with impressive show records, now passing along their genes to the next generation.

Nu Chex To Cash, Lil Ruf Peppy, Hollywood Dunit, Jacs Electric Spark, Topsail Whiz,...check out the Broodmare Page to see them all.


Assuring the foals getting the best possible start in life, even before they are born, the Allstar Ranch Team is dedicated to keep the Broodmares healthy and well fed with quality food even before Insemination at the Ranch.


Our goal is also to combine best reining bloodlines with unique color combination with the Splash Gen, such as Grulla, Champagne, Roan, Black, Palomino,


The Ranch:

55 ha of Land with 3 small lakes connected and a lot of space for horses.

Space that is important for them to live as natural as possible, to be able to run and stay healthy.


We are breeding American Quarter Horses and Paint Horse in the direction of Reining / All round.

Our stallion Colonels Lone Gun is a blessing and we love and believe in him as well as in his amazing offsprings.


"Westernriding is not only a way of  riding ... its a lifestyle!"


Each year we have several young workers from all over the world helping us to built up everything and to learn a different way of treating horses.

Its a joy to have them here and see them leaving a big part of them here.


A big thank you to Sven and Brigitta Nolen for the amazing opportunity to buy wonderful Lone Gun,for their trust and the possibility for a great start with some of the best horses. We will be always thankful.

And of course all the pre owners of our Mares.