Saratoga Whiz
Breeding Contract
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Stallplats Kontrakt
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All prices are incl. 25% swedish tax (moms)

Breeding Fees:


Saratoga Whiz

2024: Natural Breeding - 8.000 SEK


Colonels Lone Gun:  SOLD OUT


Single Riding Lesson:

300 SEK per Lesson inkl Horse

2500 SEK for a 10 Card

150 SEK per Lesson with your own Horse



Indoor Arena: 

Single day: 125sek per person

Per month 600sek 


Year: 4000sek / Per Person


Renting whole Arena for the whole day: Summer months: 1000 SEK, Wintermonths 1500 SEK



Stable Rent: 


Lösdrift / Outside 24/7 inkl shed:

3500sek (500sek extra for a horse over 1,6m)

Inkl. Cleaning sheds, paddocks, hay, Haynet, water, spot in the saddle room, using Shower, out-and Indoor Arena, Roundpen.

Summertime horses are standing on grass. 

Blanket on/off per day 50Sek.

Renting a box per night extra: 100sek


Our philosophy is to have the horses in a natural way as possible, giving them the possibility to walk and move all the time aswell as spend time in groups. They should be able to eat hay at least 18hours a day to stay as healthy as possible!