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All prices are incl. 25% swedish tax (moms)


Stable *included mocking and hay


Lösdrift: 3000 SEK full service 

inkl. using  the saddle room, riding paddock etc. 

              2500 SEK if you dont ride

              2000 SEK 0,5-1,5 year of age 

Mare + Foal: 3000 SEK


Large Box: (Mare+Foal): 150SEK  / Day

Regular box: (regular horse): 120SEK / Day

Small Box: (foal, small horse): 100SEK / Day



AI / TAI: Fresh semen / Färsk eller Transport: 4500 SEK * until the mare is in foal / 3 Heat periods same year 

FAI: Frozen semen / Fryst Semin: 12000 SEK for the whole season until safe in foal included the ultrasound after 21 days in foal / 3 Heat Periods same year 



Vaccination (tetanus and proteq flu) : 500 SEK (€50€)*per vaccination


Other services 300SEK per hour 

    (Washing, Excercising, etc)

Small extra services 50SEK each time 

    (Medication, etc.) 

Feeding grain per month once a day: 300SEK 



Hoof farrrier:

Up untill 1 year: 300 SEK (€30)

Up untill 2 years: 400 SEK (€40)

2 years and older: 500 SEK (€50)


Breeding Fees:

Saratoga Whiz: 8000 SEK

2020: Natural Breeding / Frozen Semen for EU


Lone Guns Revolution: 10.000 SEK

Frozen Semen for EU


Colonels Lone Gun: 10.000 SEK

Fozen Semen For EU ( 2 Doses /8 Straws)